There is an unhealthy growing sense of fear of witches and the ministry of witchcraft among Christians. This unhealthy fear and not the activity of witches per se has een the cause of many untold hardships and calamaties. Fear in any form is detrimental o success and people, who are bound by the morbid fear of witches, will be subjected to all kinds of problems with the farfetched solutions. The purpose of this book is to throw light on the subject so as to remove the fear surrounding it. Though witchcraft is real, we need to demystify it and show how its force can be handled and destroyed through meaningful specific, strategic and well-targeted prayers.

Ever wonder what your dreams mean? Do you wonder why you have dark dreams that seem so real? This author delves into the mystery of dreams and exposes the enemy through our dreams.

Rejection is a terrible relationship problem that has destroyed the destinies of many. Derek Prince in his book, Experiencing the Power of God, says, "rejection is a contributing factor in many deaths that are attributed merely to natural causes." The effect of rejection cuts across all levels of life and is the single cause of myriads of problems: spiritual, psychosomatic, social and domestic. This book offers you the opportunity to understand the problem of rejection, recognize its presence and how to overcome it.